torsdag 12 juli 2012

Chemtrail-aerosols over UK - Ireland - Scandinavia - Iceland.10-11th of July 2012

Heavy raining and flooding over Northern Europe lately has an simple explanation. US and Nato are manipulating our weather with aerosols and HAARP (electro magnetic microwave energy) they call it geo-engineering.
Sprayed chemtrail-aerosols can clearly be seen in satellitepictures. UK (England), Ireland, Scandinavia are heavily sprayed with chemtrails and unhealthy aerosols, and together with the HAARP-facilities LOFAR, EISCAT, LOIS they now have the ultimate weather weapon.

See this movie directly on Youtube for better and bigger picture , follow the link:

Evidences of sprayed chemtrail-aerosols in satellite pictures.UK-Ireland-Scandinavia-Iceland.

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