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Tornado - Polen - Poland 15 July 2012. Geo-engineering

Tornadoes Tear Down Homes Across Poland 15 juli 2012

At least one person has been killed and ten others injured after a series of tornadoes ripped through parts of Poland.An area around Bory Tucholskie forest, a national park and popular tourist destination, was hit by a twister between 800 and 1,000 metres wide.

More than 400 hectares of woodland were flattened in the area and more than 100 houses destroyed, authorities said.Power lines were downed and roads were closed as hundreds of firefighters worked to clear away fallen trees. Some trains had to make detours after debris fell onto tracks.

Local resident Stara Rzeka said: "I was sleeping at the front of my house when a buzzing sound woke me up. I didn't know what was happening. I looked out and saw a huge number of branches. Then there was a terrifying rumble. It all lasted for four or five minutes.

 "When it all ended I looked around and saw that my yard was covered in fallen trees that had been growing nearby, the fence had collapsed. There was a complete disaster at my neighbour's yard."

Firefighter Mieczyslaw Torlop said that the man was killed in the village of Wycinki after his house collapsed.
 "The man was installing the water conduit. He tried to hide from the tornado so he was running near the house. The whirlwind was so strong that the house collapsed on him. He was killed outright," he said.

Probably sideeffects of the weather manipulation/ geo-engineering that has been going on for perhaps 10 years over Europe together with HAARP.

Tornados drabbar Polen 15 Juli 2012. En av dessa tornado var ca 1 kilometer bred och hade vindhastigheter på upp till 200km/timme. Ett led i verkan av den vädermanipulering/geo-engineering som pågår bakom folkens rygg.

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